Tax Challenge Deadline Postponed until Sept. 4

Blog July 30, 2020 By Admin

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every individual differently. Children have stayed home longer than ever before. Those who can have been working from home, and others have risked their lives in the frontlines every day to serve their communities. Now all of New York and Nassau County is suffering some virus repercussions.

On the bright side, the pandemic has delayed the county’s tax challenge deadline once again.

In the past year alone, over 53 percent of Nassau County homes have seen a spike in their tax bill. The increase in property taxes is due to the previous county reassessment, which has basically punished many homeowners. Many of them have seen an increase of up to 50 percent in their bills. Nassau was set to resolve all tax challenges by August, but the Covid pandemic has made everything take a step back.

After Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “PAUSE” executive order back in March 20, the New York State court system was closed. The order paused all “non-essential” statutes of limitation until April 19. Before the arrival of the initial due date, gov. Cuomo delayed it to May 7. Then it was postponed again until June 6. Midway through May, a few parties in specific counties were allowed to file new nonessential cases. Once again, the gov. rescheduled the tolling of all state-wide statutes of limitations until July 6.

The continuous pushback has delayed the Nassau appeals deadline. The original cutoff date for small claims assessment review (SCAR) filing was May 25. The toll on of the court system has given the department no time to resolve the 370,000 SCAR claims, forcing the hire and training of more hearing officers and the final push of the filing deadline to September 4—right before tax warrants are needed for the October school tax bills.

If you did not have time to file a claim, now is the time. The county guaranty forces Nassau to give back property owners what is rightfully theirs. Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. can help you file your claim and reduce your taxes. No reduction, No fees. No matter your property’s size or age, if you believe you have been overtaxed contact our office today and find out if you can save money on your property taxes.