Stop Overpaying On Your Property Taxes – Use The Money To Change The World

Blog September 28, 2013 By Admin

Long Island homeowners continue to be billed millions of dollars more than they really owe on their property taxes. Much of that money sits idle or is wasted, while millions starve. Isn’t it time you claimed back what you are owed, or at least stop paying more than your share, and instead put that money to work to save lives today?


New Yorkers are grossly overpaying on property taxes. Whether unaware, haven’t made the time to file a grievance, aren’t aware that property tax adjusters are available to help, aren’t even aware they are entitled to sizable property tax breaks and reductions for reasons like being in storm damaged areas, having served in the military, the result is still the same.


This isn’t just a huge shame because much of this money often seems to be poorly used. Or even because many of those drastically overpaying are incredibly stressed and having trouble paying their other bills, or perhaps like Dina Lohan are losing multimillion dollar Long Island estates.


An outrageous percentage of Long Island home owners, some consciously, others not, are overpaying thousands on their property taxes each year.


Meanwhile kids and seniors around the world, from right here in New York to Africa are dying every day due to malnutrition and even simply from not having access to the simplest of things like clean drinking water.


This is absurd. Especially when you consider that what is being wasted in paying excess property taxes could literally save millions of lives each year. And go on to save generations.


Is it time you started making better use of your property tax dollars?

It’s time to file your property tax grievance and make the difference of a lifetime…