Still Time To Appeal Property Tax Before New Deadline

Blog March 9, 2018 By Admin

There are still a few days left to file your property tax grievance on Long Island. Don’t miss it.

Nassau County has extended the deadline for appealing 2019-2020 property tax bills until April 2nd. There is expected to be a major backlog of local residents challenging their taxes this year, but there is still time to act. If you do it fast. Laura Curran, the Nassau County Executive, has granted the emergency stay to help level the playing field for local property owners, who have been missing out, and who are currently being hit even harder with the new IRS tax bill. According to news coverage, 61% of Nassau County’s commercial and residential owners have appealed their annual property taxes since 2010. Those that have appealed have seen their taxes go up 30.7% less than those who haven’t. That’s an average annual savings difference of over $2,200. Not counting the double payment impact from the new tax bill. While the media and politicians still debate a wide range of alternative solutions to New York’s big tax problem, consistently grieving property tax assessments seems to be the only reliable option. Some tax breaks and sweeteners have been offered to lure in businesses and keep residents. There has been talk of making property taxes a charitable contribution. A new taxpayer funded study is even looking at the advantages of legalizing recreational marijuana, which has boosted some states’ economies by billions. Everyone knows the system is broken, and taxes are incredibly high. Yet, if anything, property taxes on Long Island only seem to be soaring. It may have to get worse before there is enough pressure to fix things and make it better. For now, those who see a better use for their hard earned dollars are left with the option to appeal their property taxes. Everyone should be. There is still some time left to cut your bill, and potentially save thousands of dollars each year. Get in touch with Property Tax Adjusters Ltd., now to get your claim started.