Should The Government Cancel School District Taxes Next?

Blog September 1, 2022 By Admin

Should school district taxes be the next debt the government cancels?

School district taxes make up the bulk of already extremely high annual property taxes in NY, and across Long Island.

With student loans and the cost of going to college in America being canceled and waived by the government to the tune of $500B, why should other debts and bills like school district taxes and property taxes be canceled too?


The Case For Canceling School District Taxes

There are many reasons that could be used to justify eliminating school district taxes and annual bills for property owners. Or even paying back previous money paid.


These include the following:


They Are Not Voluntary

College loans are voluntary. Students chose to sign up for them, to take on the debt and promised to repay it.

Business and home owners have had no choice but to pay for the cost of public schools.


Property Tax Payers May Not Even Use Local Schools

Just because people own property on Long Island does not mean they use the school system. Unlike those that signed up for college loans.

They may not have kids. They may send kids to private schools or even home school, or live in another state or country.

While it may be argued that many colleges have scammed students into attending, taking on debt obligations, and have no promise of getting a job after those years spent there, all of the same can be applied to local public schools too.


The Money Is Poorly Managed

Few would argue that school budgets are being used wisely or they are being operated efficiently. If they were private organizations they would have been bankrupt long ago.

If a bill is mandatory, then shouldn’t there at least be more accountability for how the money is used?


The System Is Broken

It has been openly admitted for years that the tax system is broken and flawed. Almost half of all property owners on Long Island get an over-inflated bill each year.

Yet, at the same time they keep on raising school taxes. Even breaking through supposed limits and caps each year.


Canceling This Debt Could Save The Economy

Ending these bills would put more money back into the economy. At a critical time, when people are losing jobs, interest rates are going higher, along with other taxes.


How To Get A Break On School Taxes Now 

While it may have been hard to imagine the cancellation of student debt at this scale a few years ago, few expect the same grace to ever be given to those paying even more predatory school taxes.

So, how do you get a break on your annual property taxes right now?

Challenge them with the help of Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd, get help navigating exemptions you may be eligible for, and request refunds from being overcharged.