Real Estate: The Sales, Scams & Savings of the Season

Blog November 23, 2017 By Admin

The holiday season is on us. Here are the sales, scams, and savings to watch out for…

It’s shopping season, and there are plenty of sales being touted, savings being offered, and no doubt a few scams to dodge. Here’s what you want to know to navigate the next few weeks well.

Internet Search Scams

Unfortunately, shoppers can expect a fair amount of scams during the holiday season. Some will be the usual raise the price, and then offer a small discount ‘deals’, that end up costing you more. Then there are the more dangerous ones, with online fraudsters launching new attempts to gain information. One of the most recent is infiltrating search engine results with fake websites that can put your information in the hands of hackers. Make sure you check the web address before you click.

Sweet Spots for Sales Deals

When it comes to real estate, the end of year holiday season can be especially ripe for deals. It’s a quieter time of year, with less competition, and typically fewer buyers and renters in the market. Sellers are eager to close before the new year to save on taxes, and agents want to hit their goals. You may also find sales deals with Realtors, mortgage companies, insurers and others, that when put together can provide thousands more in savings. It’s a great time to submit an offer on a new place.

Save on Property Taxes

The new tax reform bill looks like it may breeze through the final Senate vote. That means restrictions on the tax deduction, even if your bill goes up. Use this time to appeal and challenge your tax bill and get it lowered. You can use those savings afford more gifts each year, minimize the tax hit, and keep more money to pay off the those holiday credit card bills, or get that gym membership to burn off the extra calories you’re consuming.