Property Taxes: When Homeowners Need an Attorney

Blog March 25, 2016 By Admin

When do homeowners need an attorney to settle property tax issues?


A new whitepaper highlights increasing consumer complaints on property taxes, and the attention they are getting from federal agencies. Sadly complaining to big organizations alone doesn’t always make much tangible difference. And when they finally act new regulations can make things far more difficult and expensive for consumers too. So when should a homeowner turn to an attorney for help?


  1. Title Companies & Advanced Escrows

Not all title insurance companies are good. Some have been involved in some pretty outrageous mortgage and real estate fraud schemes in the past. Others just aren’t financially strong enough and fold, or are unorganized. The outcome can be all those thousands of dollars collected at time of closing for future property tax payments, not being paid. Homeowners may only find out when they get threatening letters or liens are placed on their properties. In these cases it can be essential to put an attorney on your case to try and fight for your money back, and hold off any legal action which could impact ownership rights.


  1. Mortgage Lenders Failing to Pay Property Taxes

It is now pretty much the status quo for mortgage lenders to collect property tax and insurance payments, along with monthly mortgage payments. However, the above mentioned whitepaper highlights major issues which are going on behind the scenes. Whether accidentally or maliciously some mortgage lenders are collecting monies from borrowers, and are not promptly or properly paying their property taxes. That can be disastrous, and calls to the bank, or even the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau or FTC may yield little more than long on hold times. If you are alerted to an issue like this, get an attorney on the case.


  1. Over-Inflated Property Tax Bills

Property tax bills are notorious for being incorrect. Don’t just sit there and fork out thousands of your hard earned dollars when you shouldn’t be, or allow non-payment to escalate to the point where your home is in foreclosures, and sold off at auction for pennies on the dollar. There are dedicated real estate and tax attorneys, and specialist Property Tax Adjusters with attorneys on staff to fight these unfair bills and preserve your rights. Use their help.