Property Tax News Update [May 2018]

Blog May 3, 2018 By Admin

What’s happening with our property taxes now?

Check out our May 2018 round up of property tax news, and see who is getting hit with higher taxes, who might get a free pass, and why…

Bad News if You Own Property in Buffalo, NY

If you live or own real estate in Buffalo, New York, brace yourself for higher property taxes. The new budget calls for increases on both residential properties and businesses. In addition to higher property taxes expect new fees, license requirements and other costs to be implemented. The local government also plans to beef up its tracking of women and minority groups and entrepreneurs involved in city projects. Find out how much more you might be paying here.

Atlanta Property Owners May be Owed Big Tax Refunds

Fulton County, GA is under fire for allegedly unfairly and unequally assessing property values, which has cost local homeowners millions of dollars and threatens their ability to pay their mortgage payments. The county could owe millions. Or those who were undercharged could face big increases to level the playing field. Track the story here to find out if you may have a case in your county too.

Memphis, TN May Lower Property Tax Rates

With a strong local economy and balance sheet, Shelby County’s Mayor is proposing rolling back property tax rates, and giving local homeowners a break according to Memphis Daily.

Pennsylvania to Scrap Property Taxes

Two out of three candidates for governor in PA are proposing they will completely eliminate property taxes if elected. After all, property taxes have essentially turned homeownership into just another form of renting. Just one which requires owners to do all of the maintenance under threat of liens, and which leaves them exposed to an unknown and effectively uncapped rate of increases which can make their investments unaffordable at any time. Find out how PA governors have figured out a way to do away with property taxes altogether here.

NYC Property Tax Lien Sales

Your last day to pay past due property taxes in NYC, enter into a payment agreement or receive an exemption is May 17th, 2018. After that liens and properties can be sold off at auction. Find out if your home is at risk here.

Bribery & Salaries: What’s to Blame for High Property Taxes on Long Island?

The trial is on, and under immunity, one official is spilling the beans on how corruption has filled some Long Island government offices, including regular bribes, shady salaries and building permits. All of which is being paid for by local taxpayers. Get the scoop from Newsday Long Island here.