Priced Out By Property Taxes & No Right To Live In NY

Blog July 18, 2014 By Admin

Long Islanders are being told they have no right to live in NY, and aggressive property taxing tactics may suggest some are purposefully being priced out.


A recent feature from the New York Post ranted that there is “no God-given,” and “no constitutional right” to live in NY. Living in the state, and especially in prime locations like Long Island is being considered a ‘luxury product’, that just isn’t for those that don’t want to fork out a premium for the privilege.


Considering there has still been no fix for the admittedly broken NY property tax system, some might suggest there is a deliberate push to show more the door, in exchange for home buyers and new residents that will provide more fuel for taxing authorities and their beneficiaries. There seems to be few other possible reasons why such a flawed system would be left unfixed for so long.


Of course, property taxes aren’t the only threat to affordability on Long Island. On July 14th, 2014 Newsday covered a new trend in coastal homeowners abandoning their first floors in order to keep living in their homes under new insurance regulations post-Sandy. Some may be able to build upwards and add a floor, but most won’t want to spring for the $200,000 or so it would take to elevate current homes.


This in turn may hit many Long Islanders with higher property tax bills, or at least incorrect ones. Property owners in these circumstances are among those that should definitely be reaching out to accept third party help in fighting against unfair property tax bills. Most often assessments will be flawed due to incorrect square footage count, and other features, as well as hampered property values.


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