NY’s Rampant Disparity In Property Tax Rates Leaves Only One Choice

Blog March 20, 2015 By Admin

As the media focuses on political skirmishes over new budgets and which promises of property tax relief help should stand, Long Islanders don’t have to look any further than their mail boxes to experience the disparity and absurdity of New York’s broken system.


While Democrats and Republicans joust in the news over whether to promise more tiny property tax rebate checks, how much minimum wage rates should be raised (all of which fall far short of being enough to live on), and who should be eligible for breaks, the New York Post sums it all up in one example. According to the NY Post the disparity in tax breaks and burden in the state culminate in the fact the record selling penthouse at One57 which was purchased for $100M is only being taxed at $17,268 per year. Even a comparable nearby condo which sold for $1M is assessed $7,000 more per year. Many Suffolk and Nassau County residents are paying far, far more in proportion to their property values.


The bottom line is that unless you already have a sweetheart deal with taxing authorities you are likely being grossly overcharged for property taxes each year. Even if you receive tiny teaser checks to spend, it is nowhere near what you should be getting to keep each year. There is only one thing to do if you really want to stop overpaying each year.


This is contacting Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. and getting help filing a grievance to exercise your rights to fair billing. Why wait and keep being taken advantage of?