NY Property Taxes News: Top Stories Impacting Homeowners In 2018

Blog October 18, 2018 By Admin

A lot has been happening with taxes, real estate, politics and the economy this year. Take a look at the news and changes that have had the most potential to impact NY property owners and their taxes over the last 12 months, as well as for what to expect and do ahead…

The New Tax Bill

The new historic tax bill created the biggest overall of tax rules we’ve lived through. That hit New Yorkers hard. Probably the hardest of any state in the nation. Yet, despite innovative attempts to circumvent the impact the IRS has pushed back to prevent local property owners from finding creative relief. Read more here…

Property Tax Assessments Go Online

Earlier this summer Nassau County took its tax assessments online. A move that could trim admin costs for the county, but which some believe will put many Long Island property owners at risk of defaulting on their property tax bills. See our full coverage here…

New York Housing Market Continues to Decline

Some New York real estate markets have now been in a year long ‘correction’. Lower property values should be creating lower property tax bills. Yet, many will have to fight for the relief they are owed. Check the stats here.

Changing the Way Your Property is Assessed for Taxes

In September 2018 Nassau County Executive Curran signed an executive order changing how properties are assessed and taxed. Some believe this move was a way to skirt around tax caps, and could increase the real property tax bills on 50% of those who own property in Nassau County, even without counting new tax hikes.

New Property Tax Rebate Checks

A new round of property tax rebate checks recently hit the mail. Find out why they are so controversial, and if you should be expecting one here.

Looking Ahead

JP Morgan says there is more than a 60% chance that we’ll be in another recession within the next two years. That’s while the Fed continues its campaign of rapid interest rate hikes and property values fall.

This all threatens to make it even tougher for Long Island property owners. Get ahead, and contact Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. today to get more property tax relief fast….