New Yorkers Still Find Little Real Love When It Comes To Affordable Housing

Blog February 12, 2015 By Admin

Despite new promises and speeches New Yorkers still seem to be coming up short on love this February when it comes to housing.


As Suffolk County homeowners prepare for the Monday, March 2nd deadline to claim a number of property tax exemptions, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio uses his State of the City speech to talk about affordable housing. There is no question that the state needs affordable housing, yet, is everyone missing the most obvious and easy fixes?


On an individual level many simply let themselves be taken advantage of by missing exemption filing deadlines, or by neglecting to take advantage of the help that local property tax adjusters can offer. It’s just a shame that there seems to be so much disparity when it comes to leadership and the system.


In early February 2015 the NY mayor gave a grand speech on providing affordable housing. Multiple ideas were floated promising new affordable housing, and protections for ensuring masses aren’t priced out of living in the state. Unfortunately, Cuomo promptly proceeded to squash these initiatives within hours effectively making them a nonstarter. However, Newsday was quick to point out the recent Shelly Silver scandal which required he give up Assembly speakership due to allegations of accepting millions in bribes. Ultimately, it looks like just another round of back and forth banter, while local Suffolk County developers get in line to collect tens of millions in tax breaks, and individuals keep on being overcharged for taxes.


In order to quickly, and effectively make New York, and Long Island housing more affordable, without spending millions of dollars, and more years on feasibility studies, maybe it would just make sense to lower property taxes? It would provide immediate (and lasting) relief for millions of homeowners, and landlords could lower rents without pinching profits. In fact given how many Suffolk County property owners are being overcharged for property taxes each year if accurate and fair bills were sent there wouldn’t be any need for the futures of so many to be hanging in the balance.

While that may never happen every local homeowner can leverage the help of Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. and challenge their taxes, and ensure their housing is more affordable each year.