New Fiscal Crisis Bill Insult to Long Island Property Tax Payers

Blog February 7, 2013 By Admin

Will the new, last minute fiscal crisis bill do anything for Long Islanders besides breeding more cynicism of politics and distaste for the media?


Falling over the fiscal cliff may have been an ugly situation for everyone but the last minute package which was stalled to incorporate breaks for special interest groups and campaign contributors, while New Yorkers were put on hold, fighting tooth and nail to receive much needed Sandy aid and insurance payouts has certainly rubbed many the wrong way.


The big winners from the ‘emergency’ fiscal negotiations seem to be rum runners and Hollywood producers who gained millions in tax write offs.


The few extensions aimed at homeowners and preventing another housing collapse may have been heralded as a win but are immediately offset by higher income related taxes, which land on top of already swelling property tax bills for Suffolk and Nassau County property owners.


Unfortunately, with the government continuing to drag its feet on aid for Sandy victims and a series of additional fiscal cliffs looming, higher property tax bills, income taxes and horrible spending plans are virtually guaranteed if you live on Long Island.


With 305,000 housing units and 265,000 businesses in our state damaged or destroyed by the recent storm and continuing to be left out in the cold by the nation, despite how hard local politicians may attempt to fight on our behalf, there are only two real choices on the table.


It’s either head off to L.A. and try your luck as a movie producer, while hoping no earthquakes hit or stay and fight.


At least those who stay to defend what they have built can take action and fight back against higher property taxes to get them lowered which will at least offset other hits to their income.