New Advice For Lowering Long Island Property Taxes – Have More Babies?

Blog November 21, 2013 By Admin

“Have more babies” appears to be the latest advice in the news for those Long Island residents wanting to lower their property tax bills. So how on earth is that going to help, and aren’t there any less messy solutions?


The Long Island Association (LIA), Newsday and Newsmax all hit on this last week. Following the New York State Comptroller’s comments on “significant fiscal stress and “big issues” centering around budget deficits, a population decline and a rapidly aging population the general consensus seemed to be having more babies was the answer to spreading the burden.


Governor Cuomo was also urged to put an end to NY clothes exemptions “to help poor”. Unfortunately steps like these would appear to only reverse recent tax breaks under the Startup NY plan and erase benefits.


On the bright side Best Buyer’s Broker highlighted Nassau County assistance for Long Island Sandy victims. This is to come in the form of assessment corrections for home value losses due to the storm.


Of course, not everyone has enough Sandy damage to make much difference in their property tax bills. So what about everyone else?


We can all have more babies to increase the population and tax base, but that might not lower net monthly bills much at all.

Perhaps a far more common sense and effective way for all Long Island property owners to reduce their tax bills and enjoy more money in their pockets at the end of the month and year is to have a property tax adjuster file a grievance on their behalf…