Nassau Kicks Taxpayer Rights To The Curb: The Only Thing You Can Do Now Is…

Blog October 17, 2019 By Admin

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran just kicked any hope of taxpayer rights to the curb. Now there are only two things left for local property owners to do about skyrocketing property taxes.

Not only are highly controversial and flawed new tax assessments and bills being levied at Nassau County home and business owners, now they don’t even want you to have the right to any clarity on why your bill is getting so big.

All this comes as Long Islanders continue to get hit with rising expenses, devastating weather, and new revelations of deep and broad corruption. What can you do about it?

They Don’t Want You To Have Any Rights

America is often criticized for extending too many rights in mind boggling cases. Criminal have rights. Terrorists have rights. But if you are an upstanding, hard working citizen who has invested in property and the local economy and pays their taxes to support local government, you don’t get to have rights.

At least that is the stance of the Nassau County Executive who just cut down and vetoed a taxpayer bill of rights to help local property owners understand the impact of new tax assessments and why they are being extorted so hard.

What happened to the new age of democracy and transparency? Apparently it doesn’t apply in this corner of the world.

Long Island: A Fiscal & Moral Mess

For all the grandness of living in one of the world’s wealthiest communities, Long Island also has its fair share of dirty and murky secrets and financial problems.

Well, they may not be very secret. It’s just that you aren’t able to do much about them.

A Hempstead Village Trustee is back in court to face new sentencing for taking bribes from high level senior police officials, mortgage fraud, and extorting local business owners.

Hempstead also happens to be sitting on over $4B in village owned land, including 400 properties worth almost $900M that are left underutilized. This includes various empty residential lots and unused acreage. You’d think that property was far better off put back into private hands to alleviate the affordable housing burden, spread the property tax burden fairly and create more revenue for the public instead of squeezing them to pay for these properties as well as their own.

Over in Suffolk County the newly proposed budget calls for a $20M deficit in 2020. Guess who is going to end up paying that and how? Property owners through new taxes and higher tax rates!

What Can You Do About It?

Politics has always been a mess. Even voting for those with the best promises for helping hasn’t seemed to have helped much. Don’t give up on it. You still have the right to vote. Use it.

For now you also still have the right to challenge and appeal your property taxes with the help of Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. For now this may be the only right you have left when it comes to property taxes and assessments. Use it while you can!