Nassau County Gives Property Owners 4 More Weeks To Fix Taxes

Blog April 30, 2020 By Admin

Some Long Island property owners may be getting a chance to fix and lower their tax bills. The countdown is on. Here’s why and what you should be doing now.

According to News 12 Long Island, Nassau County now has the highest COVID-19 infection rate outside of NYC. Along with our reputation for extreme property taxes, that’s not an attractive title to hold. It certainly isn’t going to help local business owners and workers get back to work any time soon. It isn’t going to help landlords, investors and homeowners sell their properties any time soon.

On the bright side, Long Island Business News reports the Nassau Legislature has finally voted to agree to extend the property tax payment deadline again. However, County Executive Laura Curran has been fighting the move and could veto it. She had at least been pressing for an extension only to June 1st, instead of the passed deferment to June 11th.

If the vote does hold up against Curran’s veto powers, be sure you take advantage of these extra days to appeal your property tax bill.

Don’t fall for the claims of some tax authorities who will try to guilt you into paying. They say they need their money on time. Yet, they are freezing hiring, and in the case of Westchester, some of these executives are giving themselves a 52% pay raise during this crisis.

From previous experience we all know that unless we act to preserve our rights and hold these rule makers accountable, they will keep taking advantage of you, year after year. In fact, not exercising your right to grieve your annual property tax bill is only going to embolden and enable them to make it worse every year.

Every year almost half of all Long Island property tax bills are wrong. They are flawed, and inflated. This is worse this year than ever after the countywide reassessment and bill hike in Nassau County. Even more as the coronavirus has changed the direction of the real estate market in a big way.

Due to recent events, your property value is probably much lower than in January, and diving. Don’t overpay. Get in touch with Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd., today to get help and find out how much you can save.

Even if you still feel you are in a great financial position right now, keep in mind that the worst of the new recession and COVID-19 impacts are probably still to come. Those second tax payments will be coming up even sooner too. Act now while you have the grace period to do so.