LI Property Taxes Hold Key To Best 2015 Holiday Gifts

Blog October 24, 2014 By Admin

Property taxes could hold the key to the best holiday gifts of 2015 for Long Islanders.


The stores are already filling with Christmas decorations and themed gifts even before we are through Halloween. Then we have the high expectation of spending like wild people through a new extended Black Friday sales binge which now lasts well over a week.


Thankfully, most Long Islanders are eligible to have their property tax bills reduced, which could add a nice surplus to their holiday shopping budgets.


The recent small NY tax rebate checks that went out to some Long Island property owners might not have gone far, but this pales in comparison to what many could save by challenging their tax bills with the help of a local property tax expert.


This could add a lot more to your budget for scooping Black Friday and after Christmas sale deals. For those flush with cash and looking to embrace Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday and the spirit of the end of year Holiday season paying someone else’ property tax bill and helping them save their homes might be the best gift of all.


If you don’t have that kind of cash – how about simply referring them to a local property tax adjuster, or even sharing this article? It might make a world of difference.