Is Mayor de Blasio Really Working on Affordable Housing?

Blog August 4, 2017 By Admin

Some believe Mayor de Blasio is living in a bubble of privilege, when he’s supposed to be working on solving the affordable housing issues in New York. From ordering the clearing of homeless from subway stations to having a subway train stopped for his convenience, there are some serious questions being raised. He has even had the homeless moved out of his view by law enforcement, and when challenged reportedly said “I don’t care.”


It’s not these recent news headlines themselves that are the major issue. Most individuals wouldn’t expect a prominent politician to take time for the little guy, or ride the train to work. The concern is whether politicians do what they say, or not, and the ramifications that can have for them in their own homes and bank accounts.


To be fair, Mayor de Blasio has delivered in some ways. He has expanded paid sick leave and he did win the battle for a free full-day universal pre-K, which is a good thing for working families. He has dialed back the stop-and-frisk policy of the NYPD, and helped to decriminalize possession of small amount of marijuana, which has certainly made some happy.


Mayor de Blasio is reportedly working on affordable housing with a $41 billion plan to help preserve and build 200,000 units over the next 10 years, which will all be labeled as ‘affordable housing’. This trumps Bloomberg’s record of 165,000 units over 12 years.


What about Taxes?


One big question remaining is if a mayor who doesn’t care about homelessness will really deliver relief for those struggling with high housing costs so they don’t become homeless. This mayor has proposed a higher tax on some, which was killed by others in office, but he may not be done trying to get one.


Then there are property taxes which directly impact housing affordability. Lower property taxes alone, could mean the difference in many being homeless, having to rent, or being able to enjoy the American Dream of homeownership. Is a Mayor that wants to raise taxes, doesn’t care about the homeless and actually goes out of his way to avoid homeless individuals really working to help affordable housing? Or are the affordable housing projects he is working on just for show as well.


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