Is A NY Property Tax Rebate Check On Its Way To Your Mailbox?

Blog September 19, 2014 By Admin

NY property tax rebate checks are heading to mailboxes of some homeowners in late September 2014. Will you get one? How are some Long Islanders slashing their property tax bills by far more than these controversial rebate checks?


The two property tax rebate checks are headed out to New Yorkers. One is based on school property taxes, the other for $350 for families with minor children which fall into certain income guidelines.


While certainly welcome by those receiving them, the tax rebates have become highly controversial for several reasons. Some have accused Gov. Cuomo of using this as a gimmick to win support ahead of elections. Others see it as a ploy to artificially boost spending and economic data. Others find them offensive after blatantly being overcharged by far more on their tax bills.


Nassau County residents may be especially skeptical of the rebates in the face of the recent early retirement plan debacle. County workers took early retirement in September 2014, receiving $1,000 for each year of service. The goal was to reduce payroll and a massive budget deficit. Unfortunately, in addition to paying more able bodies to stay at home instead of being productive, more employees took up the deal than expected. Now Nassau needs to borrow millions to cover the payouts, and find bodies to replace exiting workers.


What is most distressing to Long Islanders is that the majority have been over-billed by far more than $350, each and every year. It’s an insult. Though it could lead some to slacking on the opportunity to file a property tax grievance and potentially slash many times this amount from their bills.


Those seeking fair treatment can still contact Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. for assistance and to see if they are eligible for a far more substantial discount or rebate on their Long Island property taxes.