Independence Day & Property Taxes On Long Island

Blog June 20, 2019 By Admin

The 4th of July is almost here. Your new property tax bill may have you down, but there are still some things to celebrate!

While getting ready for the parades of red, white and blue, and dusting off the BBQ for those (possibly meatless) burgers, it’s worth contemplating the freedoms we really do have left, and make sure we’re using them and celebrating them.

You Still Have the Right to Challenge Your Property Taxes

You might feel like a lot of freedoms are been erased in America, but one of those we still do have left is the right to challenge and appeal our property taxes. That’s an especially good thing if you live on Long Island. More important, because of all the sacrifices made for our freedom and the fact our country was founded on the belief we shouldn’t be over taxed. It’s just a good thing those founding fathers aren’t around to see how high taxes are today. The taxes the Brits were taking are an incredible bargain to the burden we have now.

So, don’t let it all be a waste. If you live in Nassau County, there is at least a 50% chance you are being overcharged on your annual property taxes.

We Have the Right to Move & Vote

If you don’t like the extreme taxes and can bear to leave the Empire State, you can always join the tens of thousands of others heading for the border for warmer weather, no state income taxes and bargain level property taxes. You at least have the freedom to move to any of the other 49 states you choose.

You can always come back. Who knows, maybe if enough people leave they’ll do away with property taxes to lure us all back.

Of course, it isn’t easy to drag yourself away. There’s nowhere quite like NY. If you’ve grown up here and have family and friends here and a local business, it’s really hard to let go. So, you stay and vote. Vote at every level, on every bill you can and get involved in the decision making process.

You’re Free to Spend at Least 6 Months of Your Income

As a New Yorker, you’ll work almost six months of the year just to cover all the taxes. The other half you get to choose how you spend for the most part. Most of that may go on your mortgage, home insurance, transport, and even more sales taxes. Though it’s still a lot more money than most earn all year long.

There is still a lot to celebrate. Take the day off and do that, or just give yourself a break. Then flex those freedoms you have, challenge your property taxes, and stand up to overtaxation.