How To Use Property Tax Adjustments To Save Your ‘Abandoned’ LI Property

Blog December 12, 2014 By Admin

How can Long Island homeowners use property tax adjustments to save their ‘abandoned’ real estate?

Many Long Island property owners have vacant property in Nassau and Suffolk County. In some cases homes were damaged by storms and are unlivable. Other owners had to move out of the area to find somewhere cheaper to live, and some are in foreclosure, but haven’t actually lost their properties to repossession yet due to long court backlogs.

Whether the situation is not being able to afford to fix and repair a home, just not living in the area anymore or inheriting property on LI, or delinquent housing related payments it’s only likely to get worse without some form of action, and the upside could be significantly better than many anticipate.

If your property on Long Island is deemed abandoned it could be seized by authorities, it could be taken over through eminent domain if it is not achieving its ‘highest and best use’, squatters could move in and make matters worse and more difficult, or it could simply be foreclosed on, with more serious financial consequences.

Often property taxes can be one of the core issues causing these situations, and can be perceived as holding owners back from solving them. Property taxes will continue to add to the financial burden, and can become a liability which can throw homeowners into foreclosure all by themselves. Doing nothing is rarely a smart or viable solution. The results of inaction can haunt individuals and their families for years.

A massive number of Long Island real estate owners get overcharged on their tax bills for years. Fortunately, getting them corrected and reduced can be a lot easier than most imagine, with the help of a local property tax adjustment firm. Getting LI property taxes fixed and reduced can help save homes, make them more appealing to future buyers, and will at least reduce holding costs until solved.

Contact Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. and find out how you can get your LI property taxes reduced today…