How to Fix Your Long Island Property Tax Assessment

Blog March 8, 2013 By Admin

Many Long Island homeowners don’t realize that they are paying way too much in property taxes each year. You could be getting billed for way more than your fair share. So if you live in Suffolk or Nassau County, NY how do you find out and what can you do about it?


Bigger tax bills coming to mailboxes and supposed caps are already being broken through, while some huge organizations are lobbying for even larger increases to be levied.


Sadly, while the tax bill may not be pleasant to pay many Long Island homeowners don’t even realize that they are being overcharged.


Some of the recent spikes can be a result of neighboring homeowners not paying their bills, misuse of funds by different levels of government resulting in shortfalls, a free ride being given to some businesses and developers and for those in Suffolk and Nassau County tax breaks due to Sandy storm damage.


In other cases it is because neighbors have been the ones to complain and have gotten their tax bills reduced, leaving those that don’t bother to question them to overpay their fair share.


Then quite often there are errors in property tax assessments or they just haven’t been updated appropriately. This can be due to macro issues such as property values coming down over time which haven’t been accounted for as well as property specific mistakes. Perhaps you have made changes to your property that could result in a break, or maybe the data just isn’t right. Are you being charged for a bigger home or lot than you really have, amenities you don’t have any longer or other items?


Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. can help you file a property tax grievance and get your bill reduced. Even if you aren’t feeling the pinch in your wallet, why pay more than you ought to?