How Property Tax Adjusters Can Be Long Island Homeowners Best Ally In The Storm

Blog February 6, 2015 By Admin

Long Island Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. is proving to be one of local homeowners’ best allies as we continue to be buffeted by severe weather…


Blizzards, snow, and severe cold are just the latest forces of nature pummeling local Long Island property owners. Even without hitting Nassau and Suffolk County at Sandy proportions severe weather can cause havoc. Beyond dealing with cold, power-outages and the inconvenience of being snowed in, or properties being damaged these conditions can bring serious financial hardship, and even toss many into foreclosure.


The major problem for many is that even though income may slow, or even grind to a halt, and there are increased expenses to deal with clean up and repairs, the bills don’t stop coming. The utility bills don’t stop, the property tax bills don’t stop, and the insurance bills only seem to go up. This is where Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. can help.


It may be wise to find an independent insurance adjuster and attorney to help with any property damage claims, but this can be a very long and drawn out process, while expenses pile up. A property tax adjuster can help LI property owners by reducing some bills and creating more surplus in income. If homes have suffered storm damage or have been devalued by damaged neighboring homes, the odds are that property owners are being billed too much for property taxes. That’s on top of the fact that around half of all Long Islanders are overcharged each year anyway.


By having a professional step in, review your tax assessment, and challenging assessments and bills many can save significant sums. That means extra money on hand to handle those other bills, find the surplus for some extra comforts during the cold, or to repair properties.

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