Getting the Most for Your Taxes on Long Island

Blog July 11, 2023 By Admin

Long Island, New York provides some of the most amazing homes, schools, libraries and attractions. It’s known for incredible beaches, amazing museums and even many beautiful parks. While these perks make living on Long Island amazing, it can also be very expensive. Property taxes are a huge part of living on Long Island. Many home buyers, especially first-time home buyers, want to buy a property with lower taxes so they can pay the mortgage payment without much issue. Taxes also factor into the ability to resell the property. Finding the right mixture of great amenities and affordable taxes can be a bit difficult. It’s important to consider the lifestyle of the community and realize the property taxes help to pay for this lifestyle.

For example, if you’re retired, you may prefer your tax dollars to pay for nice golf courses and beach access, while parents may want their children to go to great public schools. When searching in the Long Island area, you won’t be cheated on amenities. However, some communities are a bit lower when it comes to taxes than others. Here’s a look at some of the communities with below-average taxes for the Long Island area.


With a lower than average tax rate and excellent amenities, Sayville is one of the better choices in Long Island. The community is known for great public schools with 65% of students stating they plan to attend a four-year college, which is higher than the 47% found across the state. In addition to the schools, Sayville offers plenty of public amenities including parks, a golf course and beaches. However, this community isn’t the most convenient for commuters.


Found in the Nassau area, this community has a lower than average tax bill on many homes. It’s a huge draw for many living on Long Island because of the public transportation. The commute is shorter compared to some other areas. In addition, the community offers a large park called Cantiague Park, which has an indoor ice rink and plenty of other amenities. It’s also known for having above average public schools.

Glen Cove

The tax bill in Glen Cove is lower than many other Nassau North Shore communities. The community offers a beach, views of Hempstead Harbor and a playground. The Morgan Memorial Park is one of the best in the area and there are several other amenities found throughout Glen Cove. However, this is another community not very friendly to commuters. It can be a long commute to work, but the taxes are lower than other neighboring communities. Other Long Island options for those seeking a lower tax bill include:

  • Inwood
  • Flanders
  • Holbrook
  • East Northport

Make sure you consider the taxes you will pay when shopping for your next home. It’s also important to ensure the tax bill is correct and you’re not being over charged.