Freedom From Unfair Taxes & Sandy 2.0

Blog July 3, 2014 By Admin

Freedom From Unfair Taxes & Sandy 2.0


The 4th of July is here, but where is the independence from unfair property taxes for Long Island homeowners? Is it all storm clouds on the horizon? Or will Hurricane Arthur pass us without major damage, and local property owners be able to find relief from burdensome tax bills?


Hope for Freedom from Taxes


238 years, and Independence Day celebrations later American property owners are still openly being taken advantage of by a broken taxation system.


Still Long Islanders have many reasons to celebrate their freedom on July 4th 2014. Celebrate. But also keep pushing for property tax system reform. However, recognize that if you are being unfairly billed and oppressed by taxing authorities there is immediate help at hand.


Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. can help Nassau and Suffolk County residents who are being unfairly taxed get their tax bills reduced. Many may even be due sizable refunds.


Sandy 2.0 on the Horizon


Sadly, the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season is proving to get off to an active start, bringing more storm clouds. Threatening to crash 4th of July celebration plans, Hurricane Arthur has become the first major storm of the season, but is just one of several anticipated hurricanes.


While hopes are that Hurricane Arthur will narrowly pass Long Island, everyone should be preparing. Still even without a direct hit, storm surge, and not wind is the most serious threat.


If Long Island homeowners are impacted, one of the first things they need to do is make sure they address their property tax bills to ensure their homes aren’t being over assessed, and to exercise their rights.


Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July, a safe year, and financial freedom in the year ahead…