Freedom From Tyranny & Taxes, Not on Long Island

Blog July 12, 2013 By Admin

Beyond the BBQ, parties and fireworks Independence Day is meant to be a celebration of freedom, but there doesn’t seem to be much freedom from property taxes here on Long Island.


Not even mentioning the series of scandals in the state with regards to real estate and use of funds, Long Islanders still suffer one of the heaviest property tax burdens in the country, and probably the world.


This year we saw ‘tax freedom’ day drawn out even longer as Nassau and Suffolk County residents now work almost half the year just to pay their taxes.


That doesn’t feel like much freedom to most, and even those that have managed to claim stake to their own slice of the American dream on the island are constantly at risk of losing it all unless they keep up with continuously rising property tax bills.


While much of this money does go for maintaining communities and keeping up public services, the sad part is that a good portion of the bills being received each year are overinflated, and an enormous percentage of locals are overcharged each year.


Despite endless promises and acknowledging that the system is broken, it is still on individual property owners to combat overblown bills and fight to get them corrected. Most are at a complete loss to how this process works nor have the time to battle through government paperwork to get it done, even if they are owed. Of course that is certainly part of the point, and reason so many continue to get taken advantage of.

Fortunately there is help to seize more freedom. Contact a local property tax adjuster for help lowering your tax bill and enjoy keeping more of your earnings in your pocket and working fewer days a year to pay the man.