Father’s Day & Your Property Taxes

Blog June 17, 2016 By Admin

There are two big things on the mind this June – Father’s Day and Property Taxes.


Family and real estate are inseparably intertwined. So what are some of the great ways these two things can come together this month?


Use Your Property Tax Savings to Have Some Fun


If you’ve already used Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. to challenge your bill and reap some savings use it to spend some quality time with the fathers or children in your life.


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Real Estate Gifts


Real estate makes one of the very best gifts you can give. Long Island has great family compounds like this one. For others the right move might be a retirement condo in Florida. Or it could be an age appropriate makeover, or setting a child up with a down payment or student housing.


Pass it On


One of the best conversations to have this Father’s Day is on real estate lessons and inheritances. Too many families avoid these conversations. Yet, you can bet both parties think about it frequently. What knowledge can fathers pass on to their children this June? What desires do you, or don’t you share when it comes to legacy family wealth and properties? Have real estate assets been set up for easy transfer and minimal taxes when the estate is passed on?


The Gift of Lower Property Taxes

Some may not have much cash to buy an extravagant present. That’s okay. One of the best gifts you can give is tipping the fathers and kids in your life off to the ability to challenge and reduce annual property taxes with the help of Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. That’s a gift that will keep on giving every year!