Fail To Appeal Your Property Tax Bill And It Could Go Up 50%

Blog February 10, 2017 By Admin

While those who have grieved their property taxes have reaped millions in refunds, those that failed to ask for help have seen bills jump by as much as 50%!


A series of new investigative reports by Newsday Long Island have revealed an incredible disparity in tax assessments and payments in Nassau County. Amid accusations of corruption, promises of tax breaks, and swelling bills, some local homeowners and business owners have seen taxes go down over the last 7 years, while others are dealing with out of control charges. Fortunately, there are millions of dollars in refunds waiting for those who ask…


Around half of all local property owners are believed to be eligible for a property tax reduction and refund in 2017. Owners can attempt this themselves, but may find far greater savings and results by using a local property tax adjustment firm. According to Newsday’s reports on commercial property tax bill appeals, these firms are responsible for just 10% of grievances filed, but 70% of refunds paid out.


Newsday which has investigated the numbers on who has seen bills cut versus tax assessments increased, as well as tracking political contributions and tax breaks, leaves us with the conclusion that this system is never going to be fixed. It is not in anyone’s best interest who is in control of making the rules. At least not in the short term. It may be unfair and unequal, but everyone can lower their bills if they just ask for help.


The Nassau County review commission recently determined that there were around $316.4M in tax refunds waiting to be paid out to local property owners.

In the wake of the damning investigations Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano has just announced an extension of the deadline to submit property tax assessment appeals until March 10th, 2017. Although the system and service providers like Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. are expected to be very busy, this may leave just enough time for you to request a tax reduction and refund. With thousands of dollars and even the property itself on the line, there is no time to waste in getting help to correct your tax bill. Stand up for your rights, and take action today!