Deadlines To Appeal Property Tax Bills Looming On Long Island

Blog March 1, 2023 By Admin

The deadline to appeal your annual property tax bill is looming if you own property on Long Island. 

Missing out on this deadline can prove to be extremely expensive. Far more so than many realize. The impact could mean you find yourself in serious financial issues before you have the chance to challenge your next bill and assessment.

With just weeks to go, make sure you file before the rush.


Long Island Property Tax Appeal Deadlines

For those in Nassau County you only have a matter of days left to get your appeal in. The deadline is on April 3rd for 2023. 

In Suffolk County, the final day is May 16th. Just don’t think you have the luxury of all this time. Many, many others are filing. There could be more appeals this year than ever before. So get help early. 


5 Reasons To Appeal Your Annual Property Tax Bill

There are many reasons to appeal your property taxes. Especially for those in NY. This applies to both commercial and residential property owners. 


Here are just some of them.

  1. You Are Being Overcharged

Even if you can afford to far overpay, there are certainly better things to do with this money. Chances are that you are one of the almost 50% of local property owners that are grossly overbilled each year. With the hope that you will just pay the extra, and not question it.


  1. You Need To Stay Ahead Of Rising Expenses

You may feel rich and flush with cash today. Though it appears that hyperinflation isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Your other expenses could be up 30% this year. Including groceries, your utility bills, insurances, and more. 

With so many layoffs happening and retirement account values plummeting, your income could be down that much, or be cut off altogether as well. 

Create as much cushion in your finances as possible.


  1. Create A New Lower Basis

Create a new low base point, so that future tax increases go from there, not an over bloated high.  


  1. Stand Up For What’s Right

If any other company or individual over charged its customers like this every year, they would be in jail, or have to pay back multi-billion dollar settlements. If no one challenges this, then taxing authorities will just keep on preying on property owners to a greater and greater extent.


  1. Preserve The Ability To Sell Your Home

Whether you are even considering selling your property or not, it is essential to preserve the ability to do so. There is just no telling what will happen in life this year. 

Property values are already heading down this year. While interest rates are going up. You must keep your property as affordable and attractive for future buyers as possible.


Get in touch with Property Tax Adjusters Ltd. to get help appealing your property tax bill today.