Best Holiday Gift Ideas To Spend Your NY Property Tax Rebate On

Blog December 10, 2015 By Admin

Have you saved money on your NY property taxes this year? What’s the best way to use those savings, refunds, and rebate checks during the holidays?


The NY Department of Taxation and Finance announced that it began sending out rebate checks at the end of November 2015. Not everyone is eligible for a NY property tax rebate check. However, as many as 48% of residents have also been eligible to reduce their property tax bills by appealing their tax assessments. Although rebate checks may only be an average of a few hundred dollars each, those that grieved their taxes this year may have saved well over $1,000 this year alone. So what are you going to do with that extra cash?


Buy More Real Estate


A couple thousand dollars might not seem like anything when talking about Long Island real estate. Still, eagle eyed individuals may find it is enough to put a down payment on a lot in sunny Florida, or invest in some real estate stock.




There are plenty of charities and nonprofits which can put that capital to good use. Both Acumen and Charity: Water are based in NY and have high Charity Navigator rankings. Global Giving is also known for giving great updates on progress made with donor money throughout the year. Many offer the ability to donate on someone else’ behalf as a gift too.


Shop Social Good Startups


There are a lot of social startups really trying to work some good in the world. Their entrepreneurial founders are devoting their lives to positive change. All you have to do is shop and give. And everything we spend money matters for better or worse.


Save & Share


One of the best gifts this holiday season doesn’t have to cost a penny. Why not simply share this website and help others slash their property tax bills so they can help others too? Then you can save and invest your savings without feeling guilty at all.