Best Father’s Day Gifts For Long Island Dads This Year

Blog May 31, 2019 By Admin

Father’s Day 2019 is almost here. What are some of the most impactful gifts to give dads on Long Island this year?

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 16th. There are a lot of dads in your life throughout LI. Your father, stepfather, grandfather, child who is also a father, brothers, neighbors, coworkers, employees and more. Despite all their hard work and sacrifice, most are just now crossing the mark of having worked half of the year just to cover the hefty taxes we pay in Suffolk and Nassau County. No doubt there are still many unemployed and veterans who have given a lot, and are finding the new property tax assessments another insult.

So, what can we do for them?

Send Them Packing

In the best possible way of course. The taxes are just far too high on Long Island. Especially for the weather we get in return. Maybe this is the year to help that dad get his retirement condo in Florida. A nice place in the sun, with healthy beach breezes, and low taxes. If you’re not ready to move yet, then you can still visit them regularly and have an excuse to get away every year.

Pay Their Property Tax Bill

Maybe what a lot of those dads want most is less bills. That means less stress, and more time they can spend with those they love. Perhaps you can pick up their property tax bill for the year. Or start a Go Fund Me page for a local father to pay their property tax bill. Cut them some slack and help them keep their home.


Maybe you don’t have the budget to gift much after getting your own new property tax assessment this year. The best things don’t always have to cost much. Perhaps just sharing that they have the ability to grieve and lower their property tax bill will be a big enough gift as it is. It could save them hundreds and thousands of dollars each year. Being able to keep the home they love is an incredible gift. Refer them to Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd., and it may be one of the most meaningful and memorable things they can get.

Quality Time

Time is the most precious thing we can give. How about simply taking the time for a coffee or lunch? Take them back to one of their favorite spots on Long Island, before those small businesses pack and and leave due to rising property taxes. Or find a new place to create a new tradition and memories.

What will you do for the fathers in your life this year?