Are Long Island Residents Being Targeted By Tax Authorities?

Blog June 21, 2013 By Admin

Are individual property owners on Long Island being targeted and charged more taxes than their neighbors?


A chain of big government scandals has rocked the news over the last couple of months. From unwarranted phone tapping to widespread data surveillance, to the IRS tapping social media accounts and emails, the amount of spying and targeting of individuals and groups in America based on their views in astonishing.


It is critical to point out that this doesn’t just affect Tea Party members or churches it includes other houses of worship including synagogues and mosques as well as Occupy protesters, and anyone that has voiced an opinion or re-tweeted anything someone in power didn’t like at the time over the years.


It naturally flows that perhaps many Long Island property owners have been victims of this ‘targeted enforcement’ as well, and that it probably isn’t only limited to federal income or state taxes, but potentially local property taxes as well.


So if you’ve ever supported a cause that someone else might not have shared your views on there could be a chance that you were potentially singled out for higher tax assessments, harassment or at least put on top of the pile to be chased down.


This in on top of a Long Island property tax system that the authorities already confess is fragmented and broken at best, with politicians openly admitting a large percentage of locals should qualify for a reduction.


Over the years even a small exaggeration in home size or value can lead to paying many thousands of dollars more than should be due. For those with sizable estate in Nassau and Suffolk County, this could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars relatively quickly.


So isn’t it time you had your Long Island property tax bill reviewed by an impartial, independent expert, and ensured that you were only paying your fair share?