87% of Nassau County Received Property Tax Reductions – Have You Been Left Out?

Blog October 11, 2013 By Admin

As the Nassau County Executive race heats up so is the blame game over the Long Island County’s property tax assessment system. It’s no secret that taxes on the island are sky high, and no one really expects the issue to really be solved any time soon. However, many local homeowners may be unaware of just how much they are over paying on their property taxes!


The accusations flew in a recent press conference. During which candidate Tom Suozzi reportedly pointed out that 87% of Nassau County residents that had filed a tax grievance received a reduction according to Newsday.


No one is happy about school taxes going up some 24% recently, despite a supposed 2% cap. However, without getting political, if Tom Suozzi wins some are afraid being against “the right of homeowners to fight their taxes” those that haven’t applied for a reduction by then will miss out, and be stuck paying far more than they are supposed to.


Do the math. If 87% of the huge number of Nassau County property owners that applied have had their tax assessments reduced, and you haven’t, you are footing all of that extra expense.


They are going to enjoy low taxes ongoing, while yours will likely continue to rocket, even though you are already paying too much. Support schools, support the community, but do it willingly with the disposable cash you have left over, not from being forced to, or being held ransom and threatened with losing your home.


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