7 Ways To Save Money To Cover Your Property Tax Bill

Blog August 3, 2022 By Admin

Worried about your upcoming property tax bill?

Failing to pay your annual property taxes is one of the fastest ways to end up losing your home or business property. Once you fall late, the fines, fees, and interest penalties make it ever harder to catch up.

Check out these ways to save more, avoid these extra costs, and stay on top of your property taxes.


  1. Shop Going Out Of Business Sales

The latest round of data showing that the US officially fell into a recession appeared to spark immediate panic on the internet, with Google searches for “sell my home fast” spiking by almost 3,000% within hours.

Even lean tech startups and financial services firms like Robinhood have announced they are now laying off over 20% of their employees. Usually, times like these spark more shopping at discount stores like Walmart. Apparently it is so bad that even Walmart is making layoffs due to people being able to spend less money.

Look out for stores going out of business. They must liquidate and get rid of everything they have. Use these opportunities for deals on the essentials you need.


  1. Use Water Savings For Your Property Tax Bill

The current drought is resulting in Long Islanders being told to cut back on water, including taking shorter showers. Running out of water may be a bigger issue than having a roof over your head. Yet, if you are running less water, at least use those saving to cover your tax bill.


  1. Refinance Your Debt

Before you start running late and end up ruining your credit score, try refinancing your debt. Refinance credit cards, personal loans, auto, and home loans before interest rates go up further. This can save you money every month.


  1. Shop For Cheaper Insurance Coverage

You are not alone if you have seen a spike in your home insurance premiums. Shop around for better deals. With home values going down, you may be able to reduce your amount of coverage. If you have installed security systems or storm protection, you may be eligible for additional discounts. Or trying bundling coverages with one provider.


  1. Work From Home

If you are not already, working from home could save you a substantial amount of money in commuting time and costs, work clothes, and more.


  1. Home School

Say goodbye to worrying about your kids catching viruses at school, or school shootings. This can also save even more on transportation, and those back to school shopping sprees.


  1. Challenge And Appeal Your Property Taxes

There’s a good chance that your property should be assessed at a lower value, or that other items in your property tax bill are wrong. Get in touch with us today to appeal your bill and get it lowered.