7 Amazing Places to Visit This Summer [with Your Property Tax Savings]

Blog May 20, 2016 By Admin

Millions of Long Island property owners could save big by challenging their property taxes this year. If summer travels are on your wish list this year, check out these seven amazing places your tax savings could take you…


  1. Florida

While many use The Hamptons as their summer getaway spot, plenty of others love heading south to the Sunshine State. And if you are hoping to retire in Florida one day, with current low interest rates this may be the best time to scout out your destination and grab that condo early.


  1. San Diego

San Diego, California offers a wealth of things to do, and can be an incredibly refreshing break from the East Coast. Theme parks, beaches, amazing fresh food, and events are just the tip of the iceberg here.


  1. Las Vegas

While there are certainly better ways to invest and spend the hundreds or thousands you can save on your Long Island property tax bill than gambling, Vegas is just one of those legendary destinations everyone needs to visit at least once. Catch a show, ride the rides at the top of the Stratosphere, take in the street entertainment, and lounge in luxury for a week.


  1. Boston

Why not celebrate slashing your property tax bill with a trip to Boston harbor, and the site of the original Boston Tea Party?


  1. Margarita Island

Discover the tax free port on Margarita Island in the Caribbean, and get in some extra shopping, sunbathing, and relaxation.


  1. Dubai

Dubai is famous for having virtually no taxes. It is also home to some of the most magnificent property developments in the world, and like NY boasts several of the tallest buildings in the world.


  1. Costa Rica

Another popular retirement destination for Americans, famous for its tropical forests, zip lining, eco-friendly resorts, and affordability.

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