5 Resolutions Every Long Islander Should be Making Now

Blog December 26, 2019 By Admin

Live or own property on Long Island? Make sure you are owning these resolutions when the ball drops…

1. Challenge Your Annual Property Taxes

Far too many Long Islanders have been taken advantage of for far too long. The numbers show that there is a substantial difference in between what people have paid in taxes based on whether they’ve challenged their annual property tax bills and assessments or not. If you haven’t challenged yours, you need to assume you are being grossly overcharged, and are being defrauded out of your hard earned money.

2. Share Your Knowledge With Others Generously

By reading blogs like this you are more savvy than most about money and taxes. It may not be a popular topic, but that’s what keeps people victimized, instead of freeing them financially. Make sure your friends and family know their rights to appeal their property tax bills. Tag and reshare this post on your social media accounts.

3. Help Keep NY An Attractive Place To Move & Stay

There’s so much to love about living in NY. It’s hard to leave, no matter what the cost. Yet, it is no secret that most retirees, millennial workers, and others are fleeing to lower tax destinations.

It’s important we all make efforts from big to small to make it attractive to move and stay here. We need to make it this way for everyone, and of all ages. Or we may end up regretting all the financial sacrifice we’ve made to keep our homes here.

4. Get Involved In Common Sense Policy Making

The only thing less popular to talk about than taxes might be politics. Yet, this is a trap that ends up getting us all the results we don’t want. We end up with endless rules and taxes that are completely counterproductive. We’ve already had a whole slew of new real estate taxes levied on Long Island homeowners and sellers in the past couple of years. Now there is proposed legislation to add more taxes to use to make buying a house more affordable. There is a desperate need for common sense in lawmaking. You can participate in many ways by voting and showing up to public meetings.

5. Take A More Positive & Proactive Approach To Taxes

There are really two kinds of people. The majority who taxing authorities count on to ignore taxes and bury their heads in the sand while the bills and fess mount up. Then those who embrace taxes and use every advantage they can to minimize their exposure and actually use them to keep the most money. You can’t hide from them, no matter how much you want to. So, it’s much better if you embrace it. Plan, address issues, get deductions, and talk to an accountant and tax pro. This is often tax deductible too, so get the best help you can.