5 Less Conventional Ways To Show Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Blog February 13, 2016 By Admin

Valentine’s Day is here. Check out some of these more creative ideas for spreading the love this year…


  1. Donate to Charity, Get the Tax Break

With the tax filing deadline looming everyone should be keenly aware of the need to maximize their deductions for the next year. This is a huge opportunity to do some good for others who may never get a Valentine’s Day card in their lives. Give big, give something, or commit to a modest recurring gift every month.


  1. Pay Someone’s Tax Bill

While some are getting Valentine’s gifts delivered, others are getting hit with even bigger taxes. For some that is personal income taxes, for others it is small business taxes which could bankrupt them, or property tax bills which could force them out of their homes. Help them beat this stress with a meaningful gift they’ll never forget. You can even use this quick online tool to find out how much your neighbor’s property tax bills are.


  1. Host a Fabulous Charity Event in the Hamptons

With Hamptons rental prices soaring rapidly some may never be able to enjoy the experience of a magnificent dinner or summer getaway in this prized Long Island destination. New records show is can run as much as $1M a month to rent out a lavish Hampton estate for a month in the summer. Why not host a fabulous charity ball or gathering?


  1. Help a Family Member with a Down Payment

The Long Island MLS reported an 18% surge in Suffolk County home sales in January 2016. Prices are rising and there is a race on to beat rising interest rates. Consider helping a family member with the gift of a down payment so they can stay on Long Island, and lock in affordable housing payments before they spiral out of control.


  1. Help Someone Slash their Property Taxes

Not everyone reading this may have the extra cash to spend. Sometimes the best gifts are free. Tell someone how they can slash their housing costs and property tax bills, and keep their Long Island home more affordable year after year. Just share this article, and this link with them.